Build wealth & become work optional - without sacrificing your life today

Sarah Young is an entrepreneur, investor, money pro, business coach, and mentor for female founders. She teaches business owners to reach financial freedom through profitable business growth while finding more joy and peace in their lives today.

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Every woman deserves to have financial power and independence.

My mission is to close the wealth gap for female founders in order to give women more power to make change, more freedom, and more peace in their lives. 

Everything I teach boils down into three core pillars:
‚Üí Make life-changing money in your business
→ Save & invest to build 7-figure wealth and become work optional
→ Upgrade your life now to bring in more peace, joy, and richness

Here's how you can work with me:


The High Profit Society


The High Profit Society is a community of women creating financial health and freedom through profitable business growth.

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Wealthy CEO Mastermind


My hands-on, small group mastermind is for high achieving women business owners who are ready to become millionaires. Together, we'll work on scaling your income, building wealth, thinking bigger, and embodying the rich lady version of yourself.

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Scaling Made Simple


Scaling Made Simple is a high-touch group coaching program for service-based entrepreneurs who want to scale their business to multi-six and seven figures and put more money in their pockets without working full-time hours.

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Courses & Masterclasses


Courses, masterclasses, guides, and more on business, money, and wealth to help you make more money in your business, grow and scale, save more money, and build your personal wealth and freedom.

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"You helped me achieve this amazing result. I wouldn't be here without your course."

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Hi, I'm Sarah!

I help female entrepreneurs become millionaires

From my college years to my early twenties, I was living in debt and keeping myself small in a toxic relationship. One day, I realized I had enough and decided to start over - I was determined and made a plan to pay off $55K in debt, alone.

I started my agency business, Young and Co, because I never wanted to be in a situation where I was relying on anyone else to make an income.

And through that, I started teaching other women how to take control of their finances and build wealth. Eventually, I married my person, had my son, and became a millionaire. I got my life back!

Ever since then, I’ve been teaching female entrepreneurs on how to use their businesses to build wealth and become work optional - without sacrificing their lives today.

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