108: Your Marketing Plan is NOT a Profit Plan | How to Write Your Plan for Profitability

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When I see business owners plan for an upcoming month or quarter, they usually plan two things: their revenue goals, and the marketing plan to get there. Unfortunately, neither of those counts as an actual profit plan to increase the amount of money you’re taking home after taxes and expenses at the end of the day. In this episode, I’m sharing what goes into a profit plan, so you can build those margins over the next quarter!

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In this episode, you'll learn: 

0:00 Why marketing is important, but totally different from a profit plan
5:35 What it means to have a profitable business + how much profit you should be generating
10:15 Is it okay for businesses to not be profitable?
13:32 What to actually include in your profit plan
20:33 My newest offers to help you increase profitability, prioritize wellness, and build wealth from your business

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