91: Attract & Hire the Right Person for Your Team | Build a Dream Team Pt. 2

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Many decisions we make as entrepreneurs can feel scary, but potentially hiring the wrong person for your team might top the list. In part 2 of my Build a Dream Team series, I’m sharing the four things you need to focus on to attract the best candidates for your role and secure the best person for the job. Make sure to listen to part 1 of this series on determining the next role you need to hire for first!

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In this episode, you'll learn: 

0:00 My gratitude for my listeners + my can’t-miss Black Friday deals!
5:45 Including your mission, vision, and values in the job description
9:53 Developing a strong screening process
13:35 Hosting intentional interviews
15:17 Determining appropriate compensation and benefits for this role
19:19 Mindset blocks around hiring contractors vs. employees

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