Map Out Your Custom Growth Strategy to Take Your Business to the Next Level While Profiting 30-50%+ of Sales in 2024!


A free 5-day challenge for women ready to build a profitable & sustainable business! Upgrade your strategy to grow your business, profits, and bank account in 2024.

How would it feel to keep more of your money and bring in more consistent cash flow?

To no longer have to hustle for more and more clients while paying yourself peanuts, and instead feel confident that you know exactly what to do in the next 90 days to put yourself on a trajectory to building real wealth from your business?

The absolute BEST way for women to build financial freedom is to grow a business that's profitable and sustainable - that affords you the time and money to continue investing in your business AND take care of your personal health and relationships.

In my free 5-Day Profit Plan Challenge, I'll walk you through my step-by-step process for creating a high-profit growth strategy that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your nights and weekends - that'll have you feeling confident and abundant every time you check your bank account instead of anxious and overwhelmed.



🗓 Day 1: Assess & Reflect 
Assess what's working and what you can let go of to create immediate space on your calendar.

đź—“ Day 2: Business & Life Design
Expand your thinking and get clear on your vision for your business and life so you know exactly what you're working toward and can start taking aligned action.

đź—“ Day 3: Business & Money Goals
Translate your vision into money & business goals, making sure you have clear targets for your business to get you where you want to go.

🗓 Day 4: Strategy, Marketing, and Sales
Map out exactly what you need to do in order to make those big goals happen, identifying your exact next steps to simplify your business model and bring in more profits with less effort.

đź—“ Day 5: Your High Profit Roadmap
Bring it all together in your High Profit Roadmap! Create a simple 30-60-90 day plan with clear action steps to grow your business and profit 30-50%+ of sales in 2024!


This challenge is for you if…

✨ You’re a female coach, service provider, consultant, or online business owner whose ultimate goal is time and financial freedom.
✨ You're tired of hustling for more clients all the time and would love to work less and earn more money, but you aren’t sure how you could possibly do that with your current business structure.
✨ You’re ready to grow your business to the next level and pay yourself a CEO paycheck that’s 30-50% of your revenue, even if your cash flow isn’t very consistent right now. 
✨ You’re willing to commit 30 to 60 minutes per day for 5 days to map out your new profitable business strategy and implement real change to your strategy to grow your revenue AND profits.

This challenge is NOT for you if…

🚫 You’re brand new to entrepreneurship and haven’t created your own original offer yet - this challenge won't cover starting a business from scratch. But you're welcome to join even if you've only made a few sales! 
🚫 You’re looking for a magic wand strategy that promises to grow your business overnight without putting in the work - I don't prescribe to any get-rich-quick schemes or overnight successes. Building a profitable, sustainable business takes time and energy to get right!
🚫 You’re not ready to admit that you need to make a change to the way you run your business - but if you've realized that what you're doing isn't working and won't be sustainable for years to come (let alone sustaining as you grow to the next level!) then join to create your growth strategy to make more money without working 40+ hours a week.

All The Details You Need To Know

The Profit Plan Challenge will walk you step-by-step through growing your business and profits in an aligned way!

✅ Guided 5 day challenge to grow your business and hit 30-50%+ profits this year!
✅ Daily workbook to walk you through challenge steps and prompts to implement in your business now
âś… Daily live Q&A replays with Sarah for a deeper dive into the concepts

If you’re ready to create FINANCIAL HEALTH & FREEDOM through profitable, stainable business growth - register now!


Meet Your Business-Savvy Big Sister

I’m a 7-figure agency owner, millionaire, investor, mentor, business & money coach, wife, and mom.

But I haven’t always had my shit together - just 10 years ago, I walked away from an 8 year, mentally abusive relationship with $55,000 in debt - more than my annual salary at the time - and less than $1,000 to my name.

I threw myself into building my career (and put all of my self-worth into it too), and climbed the corporate ladder crazy fast while paying down my debt. But when I became pregnant with my son, I realized that there was more to life than the corporate grind.

So I went out on my own… and quickly fell back into those same patterns in my business.

Eventually, all that stress started taking a toll on my body and I had to make a change to the way I ran my business - which resulted in me 4Xing my revenue in one year, building a dream team, and making enough money to allow my husband to leave the corporate world too.

Growing your business in a profitable, sustainable way that creates financial freedom for you and your family starts with a clear business plan that you’re confident in. I’m all about simple business models and working less to earn more - so come join me in the Profit Plan Challenge if you’re ready for that too!